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(Sanya belong to Hainan Island that is the biggest Special Economic Zones of China.)

Devoted to the improvement of its investment environment, the city from 1989 to 1997 has put a total volume of 90.2 billion yuan into its construction. Nowadays, a new pattern of water, land, and air communications has begun to take shape. A highway transport network radiates in all directions. A modern communication network Highways Sanya is the terminus of a splendid highway network. There are three main lines (the east, the west and middle in Haiyu) leading to Haikou and other places in the Province. Both the eastern line from Haikou to Sanya, with a total length of 272 kilometers, and the western line, running to nine places from Sanya and circulating over the Island, has been opened to the public.

1.POLICIES Since the reform and opening of China, Sanya's policy system has become more and more complete. Especially in the recent years, a series of new policies have been made in succession. Sanya government encourages rational benefits distribution via techniques, management and knowledge participation. Meanwhile, these policies are helpful to establish a sound visible market, such as construction market, commercial land market and property rights transaction market etc, as well as to carry out public bidding system and to eliminate varieties of unfair competition. Therefore, it is a favorable place for the talents and enterprises to develop.

2.LIVING ENVIRONMENT Sanya, a new garden seaside city in south China, has won several nationwide awards including National Garden City, National Good Hygiene City, National Model for Environment Protection and Best Tourist City of China for its fresh air, clear sky, beautiful city appearance, standard city management, convenient transportation and continued developing economy. In a word, Sanya is one of the best cities of China to reside in.

3.FACILITIES Since 1980s, Sanya government has regarded facilities construction as the base of future development. And by now, Sanya has formed an advantageous facilities pattern including advanced ports, modernized airport, large power houses and water supply houses, which will greatly benefit the economy development of Sanya.
Railways The Sanya-Shilu Railway passes through five cities and counties in southern part of Hainan Province. The Guangzhou-Hainan Railway, which is now under construction, will be open to the public very soon.

Air Lines The newly built Phoenix International Airport in Sanya was brought into operation on July 4, 1994. It can land airliners up to the Boeing 747-400. Now the annual volume of passenger transport amounts to 1.5 million people, with a capacity reaching toward 6.5 million people. Air traffic is the only way for people at home and abroad to reach Hainan directly. At present there are 12 airlines from Sanya to other cities of the country and 7 lines to big cities of other countries. It will gradually be turned into the largest airport in south China.

Ports The Sanya Port is called on all the year-round by passenger and cargo liners from more than 30 countries and regions. The Sanya-Xiangan line is the first line from China to Vietnam. The Sanya-Hong Kong Ocean liner has been reestablished. Honghan and the Nanshan Ports with a capacity of ten thousand tons of oil and gas have both been completed. Preparations have been started for the construction of the Nanshan deepwater port, with a projected annual transaction capacity amounting to 2.44 million tons after the completion of the initial project, and 31.5 million tons transaction capacity for the whole port when it is fully completed at last.

Communications Telecommunication services are flourishing in Sanya. Modern communication technology and facilities for the automatic telephone, programmed control telephone, mobile telephone, computer and fibber-optic communication and picture facsimile are available to users, who can make calls directly to 900 big, medium and small cities in the country and to more than 240 foreign countries and regions.