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Sanya has very convenient traffic network. It is accessible by automobiles, trains, ferries, and airplanes.

Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Sanya Phoenix International Airport is served by a highly efficient and comprehensive transportation network. The main landing strip of the airport is about 3400 meters in length and 60 meters in width. Boeing 747-400 aircraft can land on this airport. In 2007, annual passenger number reached 5.311 million, surpassing the designed annual capacity of 1.5 million passengers for the first-stage construction of the airport. After finishing the second-stage construction, the designed annual capacity will reach 6 million passengers. At present, there are 105 air routes connecting Sanya to domestic and overseas destinations.

Sanya boasts a very convenient highway network linking it to Haikou and other places of Hainan Province. The major routes of this network are the Island-belt Highway and Haiyuzhongxian Highway. This highway network contributes greatly to a rapid and convenient transportation on the Hainan Island

With the completion of Yuhai Railway, Sanya is linked with the national railway network. Passengers, as well as good , can be transported to all the corners of China.

Sanya has two berths for ships of 5,000 tonnages and 2 berths for ships of 3,000 tonnages. The annual cargo throughput reached 740 thousand tons. The Sanya international Passenger Port and Nanshan Cargo Port is still in construction. In the near future, Sana will be the major passenger and cargo ocean transportation hub in the south part of Hainan Island.

Power Supply

The power supply network of Sanya is part of the Hainan Province Power Network. There are two 220 KV power substations and nine 110KV power substations in Sanya now. In the future, Sanya will build a new 220 KV power substation and eight new 110KV power substations. Sanya Nanshan Power Plant is equipped with a set of 150,000 kWh generators.

Water Supply
Currently, there are three waterworks in the urban area of Sanya. They can provide 235,000 tons of clean tap water per day. The Dalong Reservoir with a storage capacity of 456 million cubic meters (MCM) has been constructed. Everyday, it can supply 410 thousand cubic meters of water.

Natural Gas Supply
The Civil-use Natural Gas Pipeline Network consists of 38 kilometers of trunk pipeline and 88 kilometers of urban-area pipeline. The supply capacity of gas is about 30 thousand cubic meters. After the completion of pipeline network in more communities, the gas network will cover the whole city.

Sanya has set up a sophisticated network of telecommunication featuring optical fiber communication, digital microwave communication, program-controlled digital public exchange and mobile telecommunication. This network connects Sanya to more than 240 countries all over the world and 900 major cities in China. The public telecommunication and postal service bring great convenience to the local people as well as tourists.

The sewage treatment plant of Sanya can treat 80 thousand tons of urban waste water per day. The garbage treatment plant adopting state-of-the-art technology is capable of treating 400 tons of garbage produced from daily life into harmless