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Climate condition


Sanya is located in an area of tropical climate and due to this, the city is warm all year round with an average annual temperature of 26.5 degrees Celsius. But at the same time it offers a breeze from the ocean to cool down the temperature. The wind direction of the monsoon depends on the season. This coastal city’s annual average of sunny hours is 2400.

In the summer,  thunderstorms will occasionally cool down the air and give a relief from the heat.

In August and September it will be very hot too , but during these months it rains frequently that relive from the heat. Most of the rain in this time of the year comes during the night and offers nice weather daytime.

Visiting Sanya during the monsoon is not unpleasant, most of the days are rain free except for the showers in the afternoon. Sanya gets an average of 1826.5 mm of rain per year.