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Industrial land planning


Sanya industrial Park of Technologies, Industries and Trades

This park is located in the 1.73-square-kilometrers Lizhigou, which is an area borders on the urban area of Sanya. Currently, there are about 20 industrial projects mainly about further processing of aquatic products, R&D of tropical biointensive agriculture, projects of exhibitions and promotions, agriculture products and by-products.

 Sanya industrial Park of Hi-technology

 It lies along the highway from Damaodong to Tiandu Town. The planned layout of the Park covers an area of 5 square kilometrers and there are already 15 industrial projects in it now.

 Sanya New City Zone (Nanshan Industrial Zone)

This New City Zone is still in blueprint. This place has the coast as the west edge, the Westline Highway as the east edge, Nashan Buddhism Culture Zone as the south edge, and the Ningyuan River as the north edge.  This zone covers an area of 1719 hectares, among which 1128.54 hectares are reserved for construction.  Currently, there are 6 projects in the zone. The zone consists of seven functional districts featuring Hi-tech industry, port  logistics,  MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibitions) service, high quality residential blocks, a high-quality business district and a new downtown area.

 Meishan Industrial District

It lies near the border of Sanya and Ledong County. Taking the advantage of the south china sea oil and gas resources and other mineral resources, this industrial District mainly develops the Hi-tech petro-chemistry industry, relevant energy industry.

 Sanya government invited some famous international planning and design firms participated in the urban design, scenery spot design, landscape architectural design, design of city zones with various functions to make sure that in the future sanya will be a more and more beautiful tourism city with the best quality of life.