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Interviews with tourists

Interviews with tourists

Tourists were interviewed by ZHOU Xin (Joe Sheen), Chief Journalist of Sanya-online English Post
Sanya, China

We think that Sanya is a great town, because it is at a beautiful ocean. There is even a beach so close to the downtown area and we think that this is inimitable. Before we have visited Sanya we thought that there will be a lot of tourists there are much less tourists than we expected in this season. Sanya is the best town on Hainan. It is more beautiful than Haikou. I like Dadonghai Bay very much.

It seems that the Chinese people think that all the Europeans have a lot of money and in all cases. It is not true that we have a lot of money. I hope there will be more souvenir shops or department stores selling things at affordable and reasonable prices. Local people are friendly and the city can be more open to the whole world. I think Sanya should make more improvements in many aspects to be more popular among foreign tourists. We give a full mark to your English website, the official portal website of Sanya. But in a lot of cities in China the English should be improved. In the next year there is the Expo in Shanghai and no taxi driver can speak English in Shanghai.

Christaine and Svenja, German tourists

Sanya is smaller and less crowded than Miami. I learn Sanya from friends in China and the Lonely Planet tourism guide book. I stay in a good hostel, which is 50 Yuan per day. I like walking around the downtown area and Dadonghai beach, making it an interesting adventure in this tropical city. I did little homework about Sanya before I am here. But my experience here is quite pleasant. My suggestion is that there can be some information boards in English at bus stations and broadcasting system in English on buses for foreign passengers to know where to go and where to get off. With this service, my trip here will be perfect. Food is quite good and impressive in Sanya. I extremely like the local Chinese food in the backstreets of downtown area near the high street on Jiefang Street. THEY ARE DELICIOUS AND CHEAP!

Mitchell, American tourist

We like the beach of Dadonghai very much. We don't like noisy night life so we do not try visiting the bars nearby. We play volleyball on the beach and have comfortable sun bath here. We like the Chinese food here very much. Because of the lack of information about Sanya, We do not know Yalong Bay before we arrived at Sanya. We are so pleasant that you have an official Russian website of this city. Now we plan to go to Yalong Bay tomorrow.

Elda and Sasha, Kazakhstan tourists


April is very nice here. I like sitting on the beach in the evening. I like going to bars very much. I hope there will be more bars, more DJs and more hot music and dance in the city.
Hope there will be more small bars.

Olga, Russian tourist who is an international student in Beijing

I like Dadonghai very much, this city is really beautiful. I enjoy sitting on the beach, feeling the waves gently touch me.

Dasha from Russia

I worked in Shanghai and got the information about Sanya from my friends. The Dadonghai Beach is gorgeous. With some well-prepared cards of telephones and address, language barrier is not a big deal for my family. My three daughters enjoy a great time here. I conveniently find a quite affordable hostel near Dadonghai. There are a lot of choices for budget tourists here.

A family of five from Netherlands

This city is very beautiful. I am expecting there will be more improvements in this city and it will be more and more attractive to foreigners.

A family from Sweden

I like this city so much that I visited the place five times! A relative of my friend works here and he invites me to visit this city. I love strolling on the beach of Dadonghai while listening to the hot music from the beach-front bars. 

A freshman, who have a Chinese name(Song Pin), from Belgium

I like Sanya very much! I work as a teacher of English in a local school here. I frequent the beach-front bars along Dadonghai Bay. I often dance while the Philippine Band sings pop music in a Navy-theme Bar. Life in Sanya is terrific!

A Canadian teacher working in Sanya

I like spending hours sitting on the beach and doing nothing. The relaxation here totally gets rid of my working stress. The Chinese-style massage service in the 5-star hotel is really good.

A young Russian from Moscow

My family is doing business in China, therefore, I have the chance to know Sanya from my Chinese friends. Besides enjoying the sea-view and the beaches, we really like the Lamian Noodles in the restaurants in downtown areas. I also like the high street on Jiefang Street. However, I think some corners of the city are a little dirty. The sanitary management should be improved.

Sasha and Nydia, a young couple from Russia

I live in a 4-star hotel in Yalong Bay. I noticed that during off-peak season there is less tourists here. I am happy to enjoy a quieter beach in this season. The local people here are quite friendly and hardworking. I like them, too.

A German engineer working in China

I brought my board here and enjoy the surfing along Yalong Bay. Though the waves cannot be compared with the typical tube-like waves in Hawaii, it is still a good place for beginners to enjoy a good time. And the blue sea and green mountains are impressively beautiful while I have a rest on the beach and enjoy some snacks.

A surfer from USA

I just like this place!

A tourist from Singapore

You cannot say I am a tourist here. I own a flat here and spend three months here every year. I bring my family members, including my mom, a son, and two daughters here to share the good time together. I can speak fluent Chinese. Life here is great for me.

A Belgian lady