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Diving in Sanya


More and more people have been drawn to explore the incredible world that lies under the turquoise blue seawater near Sanya, for sheer fun, or curiosity, or inquisitiveness. You may have beautiful diving in daytime, delicious local food and ice cold beers and coconut on the beach at night. 


You may stride off the back of the boat and the warmth of the tropical water will immediately pleasantly impress you. Upon descending you will be delighted by up to 25 meter visibility. Perhaps you will have the chance to see little sharks gently cruising the reef near Wuzhizhou Island. And definitely you will be greeted by a lot of magnificently colored salt-water tropical fish, gorgeous corals. Looking up at the lovely lush mountains and a brilliant blue sky, you will feel like you were in paradise.

In Sanya, you will be impressed by the turquoise sea, gorgeous beaches,swaying palm trees, fantastic underwater scenery, awesome diving experience, and great fun in enjoying sea sports and beach games and activities ……. All the tourists and local people can easily indulge himself to have fun in the turquoise water of the sea. You can either try exiting aqua sports activities, like surfing, sea walking, sea fishing, and diving, or simply spend time in basking in the sun shine, relaxing on the sand and listening to the waves lapping gently against the shore.