Sanya overview
  • Official City Song,City Flower,City Tree of Sanya

    Official City Song: You are invited to visit Tianya-haijiao,Official City Flower:Bougainvillea,Official City Tree: Tamarind、Royal Poinciana

  • Sanya history

    The ancient name of Sanya is Yazhou (literally means cliff state). Her history can be dated back to Qin Dynasty (221 BC - 206 BC, more than 2200 years ago). Since then, it is always within the territory of the following dynasties of China. Being the tropical Ultima Thule of China, it is so remote from the capital of China. Therefore it is always called Tianyahaijiao, which means the end of the sky and ocean in Chinese

  • Sanya geography

    Sanya is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China. It has an area of 1919.6 square kilometers. With six gorgeous bays, it boasts the best white-sand beach and turquoise sea water in Asia. This coastal city is nestling among hills, with two quiet rivers running through it. Several little islands are scattered in the South Sea off the city. The highest elevation of Sanya is the Luhuitou Peak Park that overlooks the whole city

  • Cultures and religions

    The major religions in Sanya are Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islamism. The South Mountain Buddhism Culture Garden is very influential as a representative of Buddhism worship and tourism center. The Christian church is located on the Xinmin Street, Hongsha Town. In additional to this, there are also six mosques (for the local Sunni Muslims) in Fenghuang Town (Pheonix Town)

  • Feature: an introduction to Li brocade

    Li brocade is a kind of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored cotton and sometimes, with fine, delicate threads in the Li ethnic regions in China

  • The customs of Li ethnic wedding

    The local ethnic groups still faithfully observe their wedding customs until today. Some of the customs are very unique with typical local practice.

City sights
  • Diving in Sanya

    More and more people have been drawn to explore the incredible world that lies under the turquoise blue seawater near Sanya, for sheer fun, or curiosity, or inquisitiveness. You may have beautiful diving in daytime, delicious local food and ice cold beers and coconut on the beach at night.

  • Wedding Photos in Sanya

    Taking wedding photos in Sanya is a very trendy choice for brides-to-be and bridegrooms-to-be in China. Sanya is a great place to have a romantic wedding photography or even an impressing beach wedding.

  • Time in the Bar

    The Time Coast Bar Street is located between Sanya Times Coast Hotel and Sanya Hongzhou Resort Hotel. It is one of the fanciest recreational streets in Sanya. It features a 520,000 square meter complex with leisure, shopping and entertainment service of international standards. The street boasts the largest choices of bars in Sanya. Some Russian theme bars along the street add some exotic tinge to the nightlife and entertainment in Sanya.

Goal of Sanya