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Eating out in sanya


The amazing variety of flavors, aromas and textures of Chinese cuisine is sure to delight the international tourists who want to enjoy real Chinese food (a lot of Chinese food provided by Chinese restaurants outside China are specially catered to the taste of westerners and are not completely the same with the food in China. The Hainan style Chinese cuisine is a must-try to all the tourists. Because it is not spicy and sweet, and features the select of fresh materials, most tourists will like it. (Haiya Restaurant Near the pedestrian Bridge over Sanya River is very famous for Hainan Style cuisine)

All Chinese dishes, though they vary greatly in style and flavor, are designed to satisfy your senses. Many restaurants also specialize in sea food cooking.

In order to experience and culture of Chinese cuisine fully, you may sip a little cup of Chinese wine (if you are a Russian tourist, of course you can indulge yourself with a big bottle of Chinese wine). These wines are subtly different from each other and surely worth a try.

Sea food 

1. Chunyuan Market Stall Center of Seafood

It is very famous among domestic tourists. It is quite cheap but the sanitary condition is just-so-so. Tourists buy the sea food in the rear part of the center and then ask the owners of the stalls to cook the sea food at a price of 12 RMB per kilograms.

How to get there
if you are in the downtown,you can hail a taxi to get there at the price of about 5 RMB. Another way is to get there by bus. If you are quite near to Dadonghai or Shiwei, No. 4 Bus will take you directly to Mingzhu Plaza. Walking through the hall of the plaza and leave the plaza from the back entrance, you will be quite near to Chunyuan Market Stall Center of Seafood.

2. Mingren Seafood Stall
It has two branches, the first one is on the opposite of Chunyuan Market Stall Center of Seafood and is almost the same as any stall in the stall center.

The second one has a better location and surrounding. Facing a gorgeous view of the sea, it is along the Sanya Bay. You can enjoy the grand sheen of the sunset while you are enjoying the seafood at a relatively cheap price in the evening.

How to get there (the second stall)
It is quite near to the famous Phoenix Island. No. 9 bus will take you directly there. Or you can take No.4 or No. 8 bus and get off at Xinfenglu Stop. Then it is just a 3-minute-walk distance to the stall.

Yinpingguo Seafood Restaurant
It is beside the second Mingren Seafood Stall. It has a two floors with a dinning hall and air-conditioned dinning rooms with grand sea-view. The prices here doubles the prices in the Mingren Seafood Stall or Chunyuan Market Stall Center of Seafood. For the tourists who care about sanitary condition and prefer a better dinner environment, this restaurant is a good choice.

How to get there
It is quite near to the famous Phoenix Island. You can take No.4 or No. 8 bus and get off at Xinfenglu Stop. When you get off the bus, you can see the restaurant immediately.

Places for Yum cha (drinking tea with Dim Sum)

1. The Chinese restaurant in In-time Hotel (it is quite near to Daidonghai and Xiari (Summer Day) Department Store
2. The Chinese restaurant in Hawaii Hotel (it is quite near to the Lulinglukou Bus Stop or Hawaii Hotel Bus Stop)
3. There are also a lot of stalls that supplies the local Old Papa Tea on the pavements the residential blocks of Sanya. The Old Papa Tea is very popular among local folks, especially the senior citizens.

Chinese noodles

1. Huabaoshi Chinese restaurant (located on the second section of Jiefang Street, quite near to the Wanghao Supermarket)
2. The Dongbeiwang restaurant (located near Dadonghai Square)
3. Shangxi Noodle restaurant (located on the famous Shangping Road)

Chinese dumpling

1. The Douyichu dumpling Restaurant is really good and the north-eastern style pork and rice noodle wok is quite delicious, too. (located between Phoenix Island and Jiefang Road)

Western food

Sanya Café Time Restaurant
It is quite near to the Laihaihuayuan Apartment Complex Zone. The restaurant faces the Sanya Bay where you can enjoy beautiful sunset scene.

Western food in Sherton Hotel

Cuisine of various countries

1. The Japanese cuisine in Gloria Resort (Kailai Resort) in Yalong Bay is quite good.
2. The Korean cuisine in Shanhaitian Hotel in Dadonghai Bay is quite delicious.

The street of various snacks

Jiashe Street is very famous for its various snacks featuring the flavor and style of local food in different provinces of China. During night the BBQ stall service is quite good and worthy of a try for tourists and local people.