• Water resources

    There are about 12 rivers running from Sanya urban area into the sea. The underground water is about 142 million tons. Sanya has very rich Geothermal heat resources, among which the most famous one is the Nantian Hotspring in the suburban area. You can even have hotspring SPA in a place in the urban area of Sanya. The hot springs in Sanya boast high mineral content and can exert therapeutically effects that can relieve or restore people's health.

  • Mineral resources

    Sanya has rich mineral resources. In the adjacent sea area, there are great natural gas reserves, in which the recoverable reserves of natural gas in three major natural gas fields are 107.7 billion cubic meters, 70 billion cubic meters, and 17.8 cubic meters respectively. There are more than 30 kinds of proved mine resources of economic and industrial values in Sanya. The major mine resources are crystal, granite, limestone, marble, titanium, phosphorite and gold, among which the reserves of the limestone, quartz and granite all exceed 100 million tons.

  • Marine resources

    With a coastline of 209.1 km, Sanya has 19 docks and harbors and 10 islands and islets. Sanya also boasts great abundance of marine living, including 1064 kinds of fishes, 350 kinds or shrimps, 325 kinds of crabs and 700 kinds of mollusks. Among these marine living, 402 kinds are of high economic value. Shark’s fin, sea cucumber and abalone are called the Three Delicious Sea Food of Yazhou.

  • Tourism resources

    Sanya features with mountain,sea,city,river and port. Sanya enjoys ten major resources intergrated with sunshine,seawater,beach,favorable climate, forest, animal, hot spring, grotto, local culture and field, which can be compared with first-class travelling destination of the world and has natural resources for being created into a worldlytop sunshine coast city.

  • Ecological environment

    Sanya is a coastal city nestled in tropical rain forest and lush mountains. It boasts a superb ecological environment.. With 66 percent of forest coverage,Sanya has about 3 hundred hectares forestland and 60 thousand hectares area closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation. There are 10 national,provincial and municipal level nature preserves with 13,771 hectares. The forest coverage of the urban of Sanya is 44.9%,and the average public green land is 18.9 square meters. The quality of air and environment of Sanya ranks the first place in China. According to the air quality appraising over 148 cities of 45 countries by the United Nations fr

  • Climate condition

    Sanya is located in an area of tropical climate and due to this, the city is warm all year round with an average annual temperature of 26.5 degrees Celsius. But at the same time it offers a breeze from the ocean to cool down the temperature. The wind direction of the monsoon depends on the season. This coastal city’s annual average of sunny hours is 2400.