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FAQ for visitors


1.What are the visa policy and application process in Sanya?

A favored visa policy for Hainan Province is approved by the State Council in 2000. From 2001, tourists from 21 countries* can be granted visa-free entry at Sanya Customs if they are with tour group of agencies and have a vacation less than 15 days. From April 1, 2002, all overseas tourists can have there visa on arrival in Sanya.

 If overseas tourists want to make their stay in Hainan longer or want to visit other places on the mainland, they can apply to the local authorities for a visa and extend their stay period after official documents are provided by their tour agencies. Hong Kong and Macao residents with Chinese nationality have visa-free right if they hold other legal document to visit mainland China. Tourists from Taiwan Province can conveniently have their legal document for entry at the Customs.

For further information, please read all the pages of the visa and customs content on this English website.


(These countries are Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Philippine, Indonesia, Germany, UK, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.)


2. I can not speak Chinese, can the local people understand me?

In most of 4 and 5 star resorts, the management and staff can communicate in English and sometimes in Russian, Japanese, or Korean. But don’t expect any staff in a department store, local restaurant or shopping mall to understand foreign languages. No cab driver can understand English. So we suggest that you get  cards with your the names of your destinations in Chinese so that you could show the taxi driver. If you don’t book airport pick up, please make sure that you have a copy of the hotel/resort address in Chinese.

3. Is Sanya a safe city?

Generally speaking, Sanya is a safe city, but you should nevertheless take precautions when walking around, especially along the remote part of Sanya Bay at night. As with most major towns and cities, do be sensible after dark, i.e. women should avoid walking home late in the dark, don't go to ATM's alone, don't leave belongings unattended etc. Be careful not to wander too far outside of the city.

When you are enjoying a good time on beach with your kids, please always keep an eye on them. NEVER let the kids splash into the sea alone. You are strongly advised to pay highest attention to your toddlers or babies in strollers when you are on the beach. Most of the resorts will advise guests by flags with different colors. If advised not to swim, please do not go. Please note that the hotels are not providing a safe guard, so swimming, as in most places around the world, is at your own risk. Remember, whenever there is an emergency, please call the assistant manager of the hotel where you stay.

Also be aware of pickpocketers around busy commericial streets who might want your wallet.


4. What are the  Emergency Telephone Calls in Sanya

Please dial 110 for police or absolute emergencies, 119 for fire and 120 for ambulance.

5. Is internet access conveniently available in Sanya?

 You can easily find an internet cafe along the main streets of Sanya. Broadband is available in most of the 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts.  Some hotels even provide computer in the room or wireless internet access in the lobby. If this is essential for your stay in Sanya , please check with your hotel before confirming your reservation.