• Tax of Sanya

    From January 1, 2008, the enterprises and companies that have already enjoyed a favorable tax rate will gradually be subject to the regular corporate income tax within five years. The enterprises enjoying a 15% percent tax rate at present should pay corporate income tax at the rate of 18% in 2008, 20% in 2009, 22% in 2010, 24% in 2011, 25% in 2012. Those enterprises currently enjoying a 25% percent tax rate should begin to pay corporate income tax at the rate of 25% from 2008.

  • Licenses & Permits

    The Sanya government regulates business activities and land use in order to protect the economic interests, safety, and property of businesses, residents, and visitors. Sanya agencies are empowered by the local laws to create regulations for local business, and adhere to laws and regulations of China.

  • Investor

    The drafting of enterprise regulations and feasibility report Establishment Foreign-funded enterprises Approval of the enterprise establishment Getting business license or permit Getting the specific code for the corporation Open a business bank account Registration to the tax, Customs, and Inspection authorities


    (Adopted at the 7th Session of the Standing Committee of the 8thNational People's Congress and Promulgated on May 12, 1994) Chapter I Principles Article 1 This Law is formulated with a view to developing the foreign trade, maintaining the foreign trade order and promoting a healthy development of the socialist market economy.

  • Opening field of industry

    All the projects are welcomed as long as they meet the following criteria: 1. They have neither result nor potential of resource destroying or environmental pollution. 2. They are not merely mediocre duplications of other projects. 3. They are not against the relevant laws and regularities of China 4. They are in accordance with the urban plan of Sanya.

  • MAJOR INDUSTRY | High Intelligence Originality Industry

    Study of originality: Digital study ,software study,3G Service, study of increment service, study of information service system Design of originality: industry design,layout,architecture,city planning,landscape,view,interior design,civil design and game design.

  • Industry Background

    Besides this layout area,Sanya also plans to have three industrial districls:it has the belt-shaped distribution along 225 federal highways, the coordinated unification, auxiliary melts supplemented mutually. Sanya technology&industry District:Sanya technology, industry and trade garden area of Sanya,the Lizhigou town, mainly develops the aquatic product processing, food and the traveling leisure convenience food processing, the new building materials and the traveling handicraft processing.

  • Introduction to serveral foreign-funded hospitality enterprises in Sanya

    Due to Sanya’s status as an international city of tourism, the great majority of the foreign-funded enterprises are famous international lodging companies or franchise hotels. Among them, one can easily find the big names in this field. The following part is a brief introduction to serveral foreign-funded hospitality enterprises in Sanya.