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TSIMF International Conference Center to open this year

TSIMF International Conference Center to open this year

By Xin ZHOU (Joe Sheen), chief editor of Sanya Online Post


Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematic Forum (TSIMF) will have a completely-finished new complex conference center in 2013, according the news released on February 23 when Hainan CPC Party chief Luo Baoming and Governor Jiang Dingzhi met with Mr. Chen Xi, the secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology,  and Prof. Hu Heping, the CPC secretary of Tsinghua University.



Mr. Luo Baoming pointed out that Mr. Chen Xi greatly contributed to the shaping of ideas of establishing International Mathematical Forum in Sanya when Mr. Chen was the CPC party secretary of Tsinghua University. So far, this international forum has been successfully held three times. This forum promotes Sanya’s and even Hainan’s image internationally and helps to shape Sanya as a international academic conference center that encourages free flow of ideas for innovation to thrive.


Luo hoped that Tsinghua University would take full advantage of this platform and vigorously carry out academic exchanges, and attract a wide range of domestic and international top scientific and technological scholars and masters. The Conference center will serve as an academic paradise for refreshing minds and maximizing the intellectual interaction of participants.


Luo said that Hainan would be glad to provide a first-class scientific exchange and research platform for international scientific communities. He mentioned that Hainan was blessed with the best ecological environment with majestic scenery of turquoise sea and lush mountains in China and Sanya was a dynamic coastal tourism city renowned for its tropical beaches and coastal resorts. He expressed that he was looking forwards to further cooperation among China Association of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, and Hainan Province to make this center into a mega-conference center in Sanya for the academic world.


Chen Xi hoped that collaborative work among the various parties and institutions would be further encouraged here and academic learning and interaction could flow freely in and out from Sanya to the whole world. Prof. Hu Heping said that Tsinghua University would strive to run Sanya International Mathematics Forum efficiently and make most of the conference center to serve international scholars and academic masters. This will also contribute to Sanya’s image as a international center of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.


Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematic Forum (TSIMF) is a new conference center of Tsinghua University, a prestigious university in China. TSIMF is a grand conference center for international conferences of mathematics, theoretical physics and related fields and it will be a key academic platform promoting innovation, identifying latest scientific topics, and inspiring creative solutions to critical academic problems in the scientific arena.