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Sanya becomes Sister City of Viareggio

Sanya becomes Sister City of Viareggio

By Xin ZHOU (Joe Sheen), chief-journalist and editor-in-chief of Sanya Online Post


Sanya and the City of ViareggioItaly established sister city relationship on Nov. 29, according to official sources from related Sanya government section.



Italian pavilion today welcome a huge group of audience and some distinguished guests, including the world-famous football coach Marcello Lippi. They happily witnessed Sanya and Viareggio City officially became sister cities and the signing of agreements.


Deputy Mayor Yue Jin said that in  2013 Sanya, Hongzhou International Yacht Club and the Tuscany region of Italy established joint venture enterprise, and introduced a "super yacht tourism" concept with the service based in Sanya, Sanya and Italy will further deepening industrial cooperation


The move will further speed up the cooperation between the two cities in tourism and other mutually-interested industries, etc. Mutual cooperation in a wide range between Sanya and the City of Viareggio are expected to be greatly increased in the near future. The sister-cities agreement between Sanya and Viareggio is expected to strengthen the cooperation between enterprises in yachting tourism, the commerce industry, service industry, and more.


Viareggio is a city in northern Tuscany, Italy. It is known as a coastal resort and the home of the famous carnival of Viareggio. Viareggio is also commonly known as the capital of the yachting industry. Toscana is famous for yacht manufacturing and yacht service enterprises in Italy, producing one fifth of the world’s super yachts.


In June, Mayor Mr. Leonardo Betti led a Viareggio delegation and visited Sanya in order to promote more exchange and cooperation in the field of the yacht industry between the two cities.


According to the memo signed earlier this year, both sides will speed up the construction of a new superyacht maintenance and boat-cheking facility at the Yacheng Creative Industry Park in Sanya. Besides, both sides will also consolidate and strengthen the enterprises’ cooperation in the field of tourism, IT industry, MICE industry, and more.