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Pheonix cruise port aims to be Asia´s No.1

Pheonix cruise port aims to be Asia’s No.1

By Vivien LEE, staff-journalist of Sanya Online Post


Sanya Phoenix Island cruise port will be built two 150000 ton piers this year, with an ambition to be Asia's largest cruise liner homeport.



Sanya, from 1990s,  began her ambitious planning to build a world-class international cruise port, In 2006, the Phoenix Island had China's first 80,000-ton cruise port. As of November 2015, Sanya Phoenix Island cruise homeport since opening of the port since welcomed a total of 478 cruise liners, with a total number of passengers of 860,000 people.


With the acceleration of Sanya Phoenix Island cruise port’s second phrase construction, Sanya attracts more and more large cruise liner. In September this year, Sanya staged promotion of cruise tourism in Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries and more ASEAN and other countries with big tourism industries signed cruise tourism cooperation agreements to develop Sanya together with Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia cities to join cruise routes. Sanya Phoenix Island Phase II project will be fully completed after the construction of five large tonnage piers, and thus will attract more one hundred big cruise liners to choose Sanya to be the harbor to be docked.


Hainan has been significantly optimized the industrial structure, and the tourism industry, as a leader of the modern service industries in Hainan,  has become the province's most unique and dynamic leading industries. From 2016 to 2020 Hainan will be further promote six kinds of tourism promotion projects for inbound tourism and casual tourism. There will be establishment of maritime tourism base, acceleration of the development of ocean yacht cruise travel, regular cruise travel along the Xisha tourism routes.


For a better future of the cruise tourism economic zone for the countries along the Silk Road, there will be more direct flights between Hainan and the countries and regions along the Silk Road. As a major cruise port city, Sanya will contribute to develop "multi-destination" cruise tourism for international and domestic tourists.