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Big transparent submarine to welcome adventurous tourists

Big transparent submarine to welcome adventurous tourists

By Vevien Lee, staff reporter of Sanya Online Post


On December 14, the world's largest transparent tourism-passenger submarine craft - "Huandao Dragon 1" was put into trial operation in the Yalong Bay Underwater World Center, marking a giant step for the deep-sea tourism product development in Hainan.



"Huandao Dragon 1" may also take a maximum dive depth of 40 meters under the sea surface for a grand blue tour realizing wildest fantasies about the wild life and other amazing views into the deep sea.


"Huandao Dragon 1" number is cylindrical, capsule-shaped, 12-passenger transparent tourism-passenger submarine craft that can give tourists a chance to explore the mysteries of the deep sea. It is 7.9m in length, 3.6m in width, and 4.4m in height.  "Huandao Dragon 1" was put into commercial operation with the consideration of ensuring the conformability and safety for a wonderful underwater experience in the grand blue of the South Sea.


According to experts’ introduction, currently most transparent tourism-passenger submarine crafts in the world can only three to five people. "Huandao Dragon 1" can carry 11 passengers plus an operator, with sophisticated oxygen and safety equipment’s. During emergency, it can stay under water for 12 hours with enough supplies for 12 people. "Huandao dragon 1" can dive 40 meters deep and cruise for one hour in the sea at the speed of one knot (about 1.8 km per hour), with autonomous navigational capability to move, cruise, dive, float and turn.


This new tourism product in Yalong Bay Underwater World will upgrade the business model with more features highlighting high-end, niche, and personal-tailored underwater tourism elements.


An official from Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission "Huandao Dragon 1" will usher in a new era for our tourism industry development as a milestone leading to more innovations and upgrading.


The experience will be amazing, and tourists would be ecstatic if they ever laid eyes on this biggest underwater transparent submarine. Imagine the excitement of having your first deep-water submarine experience and thinking about the adventures to come. The biggest draw for this high-end marine tourism products is the incredible opportunity to observe sea life, all in the safety and comfort of their own viewing windows to see the various pods of creatures, while others want to dive or hunt for unexpected amazing views. This unique experience would be the pride and joy of those who love to dive or watch divers.


This tourist submarine makes the underwater sights now available only to scuba divers in Hainan available to all. A dedicated tourism company that will be operating off the coast of Yalong Bay intends to offer underwater tours on a daily basis in a 12-passenger transparent submarine that can bring tourists to underwater sights as deep as 40 meters under the sea surface. Tours would last an hour and cost would be reasonable. In fact, submarine tourism companies are already operating in over fifty locations worldwide but the one in Sanya now is the biggest transparent submarine for sightseeing in the whole world.


What distinguishes the experience is the location. The Yalong Bay is the best and high-end beach resort in the China. The environment and service is also distinctive; the Bay boasts the best sea view in Hainan and most turquoise seawater with lots of beautiful and breath-taking underwater sight off the shore.


The presence of a chain of international hotels is another significant advantage of this location. The Yalong Bay attracts millions of visitors every year and significantly reduces the marketing costs for sightseeing submarine tourism. Potential adventurers already interested in underwater life, are available on the Sanya high-end tourism market. A capture rate of visitors of adventurous mind and curious heart would support the newly developed underwater sightseeing tourism products. In addition, there are potential groups like tour groups, special interest groups, international groups, photographers, romance packages, hospitality packages, corporate incentive tourists, and MICE groups. High interest rate in riding in a submarine is already proven by market survey and the second transparent sightseeing capsule-shape submarine will be ordered soon.


Many people are interested in seeing sea animals in their natural environment. For them, scuba diving is the best available option. The view from surface or partly sub-water sight-seeing capsule crafts offer only limited visibility into the water (just 3-5 meters under sea surface). Snorkeling doesn’t go deep enough. Scuba diving has many drawbacks. It requires physical fitness: you have to be a good swimmer, strong enough to fight currents. Costs are high for lessons and equipment. Underwater communication is difficult. And it is more risky than the sightseeing transparent submarine tour which is an easier, safer, cheaper alternative that is available to average tourism without specific training of Scuba or snorkeling experience.


It is reported that, "Huandao Dragon 2" will be delivered in Sanya in the near future, too.