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Acting mayor Wu appointed

Acting mayor Wu appointed

By Xin ZHOU (Joe Sheen), chief editor of Sanya Online Post


Wu Yanjun is appointed the new acting mayor of Sanya by Sanya Municipal People's Congress, the local legislative body on November 17.



Previously Mr. Wu was vice-mayor of Sanya. Wu told reporters after the local legislative body announced this news that he would make his utmost to and make Sanya a prosperous tourism city, and he also expressed his appreciation to the resigned mayor, Mr. Wang Yong, who contributed a lot to Sanya’s fast development in recent years.


Sanya people will continue to strive to make Sanya one of the most attractive and harmonious coastal tourism cities in the China.


Wu, born in 1961, is a native of Yanchi, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. He joined the CPC in 1987.


He holds a PhD degree in Meteorology from Lanzhou University and worked as an engineer, researcher, and administrator in government in various years.


He was appointed acting mayor of Sanya by the Standing Committee of the Sanya Municipal People's Congress on Nov 17. He is also the vice Party Chief (vice secretary of CPC in Sanya) of CPC committee of Sanya.