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Shopping in Sanya



Seawater Pearl

The best things to take home from Sanya are definitely sea products. As a coastal city of tourism, Sanya is an ideal place to pick up some pretty shell or jewelry.

Seawater pearls are famous for their huge size and colorful surface compared to freshwater pearls which are more commonly found throughout China.

The biggest seawater pearls have a diameter of 1.5 cm. These unique pearls are not only used to make various jewels including necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings, but also made into beautiful pearl decoration.

What's more, pearl powder is used by Chinese women as a traditional treatment to help maintain youth and beauty.

However, prices may be higher than one would expect to pay elsewhere in China. Seawater pearls are particularly gorgeous and impressive here. But tourists should avoid buying the so-called bargains from the street vendors to prevent themselves from getting fake jewelry. A good brand of pearl products is gN Pearls and the price is relatively expensive, ranging from 500 RMB to 15000 RMB. It is very conveniently to find and buy it in department stores in downtown areas or in the gN Pearl Museums.

Good shops to consider are the gN Pearl Shop, Yanglan Crystal Shop and the Mingzhu Department Store.

1. The products and souvenirs sold in department stores are more expensive than that of the stalls. However if you buy them with the peddlers, first of all you should know how to haggle with them. In Yalong Bay Square there is a seashell market where the peddlers will show you many kinds of seashell which are very expensive.

2. Usually peddlers get together in the Tianya-haijiao Scenic Zone. They will try their best to persuade you to buy their goods. If you don't want to buy anything, you can refuse them politely and firmly at the very beginning with remarks or gestures, and then do not respond to them any more. But if you are fond of some, you'd better learn how to cut the price from the tenth first and never give the final price higher than the quarter of total price.

3.When you buy the crystal or pearl, you should be very careful because there are a lot of fake products on the market..

4.Generally, the coconut handcraft products are sold in stalls or stores. You can go to the little stores in downtown areas to select some at cheaper price.

5.Do not buy the coral, reef or turtle. Selling corals is strictly prohibited to sell by the authorities due to environment protection policies. However, driven by the profit, some merchants and vendors are still selling them. Buying corals is contributing to the damage being done to the marine ecosystems off this coast. It is a crying shame how much damage is being done today to satisfy the whims of ignorant tourists.


Crystal from Hainan is arguably the best in China. Chiarman Mao's coffin was built with Hainan crystal.Crystal also makes a pretty souvenir. In Sanya city, the major shopping districts are the Dadonghai and Tianya Haijiao districts and there are a few good places on Jiefang Road.

The luminous natural material is not only made into various kinds of jewels including necklaces, brooches and earrings, but apparently has medicinal benefits! 



Wanghao Supermarket

It is the biggest supermarket in Sanya. In addition to all the common good in a typical supermarket, a lot of local special products are available to tourists there.
The second section of Jiefang Street


Baijiahui Supermarket

The best supermarket in Sanya which is less crowded.
The west end of the Pedestrain Bridge of Sanya. You may get off the bus at the Yaojin Road stop and it is within one-minute walk.

If you want to buy some good quality casual clothing or the typical Hainan Island T-Shirt, you can go to the Tourist Pedestrian Street, Tianhong Department Store or Yifang Department Store on the Jiefang Street, Xiari (Summer Day) Department Store on Dadonghai Square, Mingzhu Plaza. If you want to have a shopping experience on the pedestrian street where local people frequent, you may go to Hongqi Pedestrian Street.

Pedestrian streets for shopping

Location of the Tourist Pedestrian Street: the second section of the Jiefang Street

Department stores

Location of Mingzhu Plaza: the third section of the Jiefang Street


Location of Xiari Department Store: near the Dadonghai Square.

Location of Tianhong Department Store: the second section of the Jiefang Street
Location of Yifang Department Store: the second section of the Jiefang Street