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Sanya Duty-free Shop

Sanya Duty-free Shop

Duty Free shopping is a great way for travelers to purchase gifts and last minute travel needs prior to leaving Sanya. Sanya Duty-free Shop opened on September 1, 2009. The 7000-squrare-meter store is located at 19 Yuya Street, Xiayangtian, Sanya. The transportation to and from the shop is easy and convenient. It takes only a 20-minute-drive to the airport and Yalong Bay from the Duty-free Shop. Sanya Duty-free Shop offer travelers currency exchange services and premium merchandise, including liquor, beer, and tobacco, at great prices. 

Address: 19 Yuya Avenue, Xiayutian, Sanya (across the Luhuitou Plaza)
Telephone number : 0086-898-8881 6666


Why buy duty free?

1. Great prices:
you shop “tax and Duty Free” – this means that you do not have to pay any sales tax (or VAT) and as long as you are within your personal exemption allowance you won’t pay duty. The prices are 30% lower than the prices found at other domestic department stores in China.

2. World-famous brands:
You may easily find all the usual international fragrance and beauty brands and world-renowned luxury brands stocked in Sanya Duty-free Shop. The Sanya Duty-free Shop sell famous-brand cigarettes, wines, perfumes, cosmetics, pens, watches, candies, food, daily necessities and electronics

3. Supreme quality:
The items are of excellent quality because Sanya Duty-free Shop only deals with the most reputable suppliers and sells genuine brand-name products.

4.What are the products available in the duty-free store?
Sanya Duty-free Shop offers a wide selection of fragrances, cosmetics products, elegant dress and watches, gifts, jewelry, clothing, leather products, toys, food, health products, and Hainan renowned products and travel-related merchandise from the highest quality brand names, as well as items that typically incur significant duties and taxes, such as liquor and tobacco.

5.Who can shop in the Duty-free Shop?
Customers eligible for duty free shopping are international travelers (including tourists from the following districts of China: Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) who are departing from, but not transferring at the Sanya Phoenix Int’l Airport. (This means transfer passengers are not lucky enough to shop duty free.)

6.How to buy duty free?
1. Show both your passport and your international air ticket departing from Sanya
2. Make the payment
3. Before departure, present the receipt issued by the Duty-free Shop and Pick the products from the Collection Points of the Duty-free Shop in the International Departure Lounge of Sanya Phoenix Int’l Airport.
In addition to this, only international travelers (also including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan tourists) who are departing from, but not transferring through the Sanya Phoenix Int’l Airport are eligible for duty free shopping.

7.What are the currencies accepted in the duty-free store? Can the payment be made with credit card?
You can pay in Chinese RMBs (Yuan), US dollars, HK dollars, Japanese yen, and euros.
You can also pay with credit cards or debit cards bearing the logo of Union Pay, Visa card, or Master card.