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Travel Routes in Sanya

Travel Routes in Sanya



1 Route One: Tianyahaijiao Park, Nanshan Park, and Daxiao Dongtian Park. A historical, ecological and Buddhism Culture tour (two days)


Day one: Tianyahaijiao Park – having water sports – sightseeing the Tianya and Haijiao Rock  with Chinese calligraphy carving of more than 200 years old

Nanshan Buddhism Culture Park – sightseeing the 108-meter Guanyin Statue in the South Sea– sightseeing the Buddhism temples in the park– strolling on the Moon Beach with the view of the Guanyin Statue in the distance.


Day two: Daxiao Dongtian Park – having a view of the various strange-shape rocks by the sea and enjoying the ecological environment by the sea


2 Route 2: Sanya Downtown area tour and beach tour


Day One: Luhuitou Mountain Top Park – visiting the famous Deer and Lovers Statue at the mountain top

               Dadonghai Beach- having water sports (Snorkeling, Scuba diving, banana boat sailing)-enjoy food of various style (sea food, Russian food, typical bar food and drinks) at the beach-front bars and restaurants


Day Two: Shopping in the high street of Jiefang Road (a pedestrian-only shopping street) visit Sanya Bay beach- sightseeing the longest palm-tree-lined beach in Sanya- enjoy sea food at the beach-front bars and restaurants run by local people


3 Route Three: High-end tour to Yalong Bay Beach and Maldive-like island


Day one: visit  Yalong Bay Beach – indulging yourself and having fun and leisure time along the best beach in East Asia during daytime and evening-  stay in a hotel along the Yalong Bay Beach for one night


Day two: visit Wuzhizhou Island, a Maldive-like island – sightseeing the tropical park on the island- have fun in the cleanest, turquoise sea water -- enjoy beach volleyball, Snorkeling, or Scuba diving—If you like, stay in the wooden cabin hotel on the island for a romantic night and view the amazing sun rise in the morning


4 Route Four: hotspring spa tour and money island adventure


Day one:  Nantian Hotspring SPA Center—enjoying the hot spring spa of various styles in a natural tropical garden-Stay in the hotel of the center for one night


Day two: Nanwan Monkey Island-  having a look of the life of monkeys living in a tropical paradise and they will entertain you with some amusing small circus shows

 5 Route Five Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Have a good time in this world-class eco-tourism and eco-resort forest park.  You can enjoy your leisure time as long as you will and experience things such as hiking in the paths and trails winding in the mountains, enjoying the fresh air in the natural forest oxygen bar that is very close to the city, dwelling in the wooden mountain villas scattered in the woods of the park, gazing at the starry sky while lying on a comfortable bed.