Dragon Boat Festival

Date: Every lunar May 5 On Dragon Boat Festival every year, dragon boat contest is a poplular festival acitivity attracting thousands of people.

Eryue’er, Festival when great dragons raise heads

Eryue’er is a traditional Chinese festival for many ethnic groups, including Han, Li, Miao, Zhuang, Man, Dong and other smaller ethnic groups. It literally means February 2 of the Chinese lunar calendar. The earliest record about this festival can be found in Tang Dynasty (618—907AD).

Sanyuesan Festival

Sanyuesan Festival (March 3 of Chinese Lunar Calendar) is a traditional festival in China. It is observed and celebrated by many Chinese ethnic groups, including the Han people, as the festival for lovers to

Diving in Sanya

More and more people have been drawn to explore the incredible world that lies under the turquoise blue seawater near Sanya, for sheer fun, or curiosity, or inquisitiveness. You may have beautiful diving in daytime, delicious local food and ice cold beers and coconut on the beach at night.

Wedding Photos in Sanya

Taking wedding photos in Sanya is a very trendy choice for brides-to-be and bridegrooms-to-be in China. Sanya is a great place to have a romantic wedding photography or even an impressing beach wedding.

Time in the Bar

The Time Coast Bar Street is located between Sanya Times Coast Hotel and Sanya Hongzhou Resort Hotel. It is one of the fanciest recreational streets in Sanya. It features a 520,000 square meter complex with leisure, shopping and entertainment service of international standards. The street boasts the largest choices of bars in Sanya. Some Russian theme bars along the street add some exotic tinge to the nightlife and entertainment in Sanya.

Sanya at Night

It is worth coming during the day as well as the night, as Sanya's lights and night views are so lovely that tourists should not miss this magnificent experience. As night falls, the town is ablaze with lights. The street lamps and the neon signs light up the city with cheerful atmosphere under the indigo night sky. The Luhuitou Park at the top of a hill provides a superb panorama of Sanya’s night view.

Places to go
  • Tianyahaijiao

    Tianyahaijiao is probably the most famous scenic spot on Hainan Island. It is located at the southwest seaside of Sanya.

  • Yalong Bay

    Yalong Bay boasts impressive beauty. The crescent-shaped bay is about 7.5 kilometers long and covers an area of 18.6 square kilometers.

  • Sanya Bay

    Sanya Bay is only a stone’s throw away from the downtown area of Sanya.

  • Dadonghai Bay

    It is located 3 kilometers (about 1.9 miles) southeast of downtown area of Sanya,

  • Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture

    Nanshan Tourism Zone of Buddhism Culture is a unique Buddhism Culture tourism zone with an area of 50 square kilometers, including a sea area of more than 10 square km.

  • Luhuitou Peak Garden

    Luhuitou Peak Garden was located at the top of a seaside hill in Sanya. The peak is about 275.1 meters above the sea level.

  • Wuzhizhou Island

    Wuzhizhou Island, which is 2.7 kilometers off the coast of Linwang town, is located near the Haitang Bay.

  • West Island

    The West Island (Xi Dao Island) is located within the Sanya Bay National Protection Zone.