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Medical Care

Medical Care

As a newly emerged developing tourist destination, the medical level of Sanya have dramatically improved over the past few years, in that a fully-equipped medical system has been in place to resolve all your medical needs on your trip.

■ Medicine Kit
You should always bring a few items on your tour to tropical Sanya:
◆Highly efficient suntan lotion and restoring oil
◆Medicine for scratches and wounds
◆Drug to anti mosquitoes
◆Regular diarrhea drug

■ Dieting Caution
Running water in Sanya be boiled before drinking; if you are in China for the first time, your stomach is still in the process to adapt to the Chinese food, so that you should eat smartly, better not take too much seafood and spicy food.

■ Medical Institutions
Most of the star hotels are complete with clinics. For small problem like scratching the clinic doctors will take care. If you have a big problem, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. We don't recommend the street private clinics.

三亚市人民医院The People's Hospital of Sanya
◆Add: 32 Jiefangsan Lu, Sanya City
◆Office: 0898-88254858
◆First-aid Center: 0898- 88259997 88273522

Hainan Nongken Hospital of Sanya
◆Add: Jiefangsi Lu, Sanya City
◆Office: 0898-88292888 88298958
◆First-aid: 0898-88298538 88291120

三亚市解放军425医院 The PLA 425 Hospital
◆Add: Youyi Lu, Sanya City, Hainan Province
◆Tel: 0898-88293469
◆First-aid: 0898-88293120

三亚市中医院Chinese Medicine Hospital of Sanya
◆Add: ER Huan Lu(Towards the Beauty Crown),Sanya City
◆Tel: (0898)88275345 88255363

Yuehai Hospital subordinated to Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University
◆Add: 63 Yuya Road, Sanya City, Hainan Province
◆Tel: 0898—88214912

■ Medical Insurance
If you have your own transnational medical insurance, please request the hospital for complete set of certificates (invoice, case history) as per requirement of the insurance company, but you have to get the documents translated as requested by the insurance company.