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17 countries to set up pavilions at SICIF

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-11-15

Seventeen countries will be featured in the International Pavilions section of the upcoming Sanya International Cultural Industry Expo (SICIF).

In the Mongolia Pavilion, cashmere clothing, accessories and various specialty foods will be available for purchase. In the Zimbabwe Pavilion, vivid wildlife artwork will offer a taste of South African culture. The Japan Pavilion will feature rare handmade tea wares as well as exotic and sweet tea.

The Australia Pavilion is worth seeing for its all-natural delicacies such as beef from prime pastures. In the Yemen Pavilion, visitors will get a glimpse of exotic exhibits such as Aladdin's lamp. The Pakistan Pavilion will feature a range of handicrafts and special weavings. The Armenia Pavilion will offer a wide range of brandy and craft pomegranate wines.

In the Israel Pavilion, visitors can get an up-close look at a number of Israeli paintings. The Afghanistan Pavilion features olive oil, carpets, jewelry, scarves and more. In the Ethiopia Pavilion, tourists can enjoy playing African drums and tasting world-famous Ethiopian coffee and chocolate. The Uruguay Pavilion features Uruguayan national football uniforms and amethyst ornaments. In the UK Pavilion, there will be a wide range of British style bags to choose from.

The design sketch of the UK Pavilion. [Photo/WeChat account:gh_f8667a9b3dc0]

The Togo Pavilion has special daily necessities, accessories, skincare products and handicrafts. In the Myanmar Pavilion, visitors can get an up-close look at jade carvings made from one of the four famous jades. The India Pavilion features exquisite purple sand tea sets designed by the famous craftsman Chen Jinglan. In the France Pavilion, visitors can taste French red wine. The Persia Pavilion features cultural creations that reflect the rich cultural heritage and aesthetic sophistication of its people.

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