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Nationwide specialties to be showcased at SICIF

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-12-22

Twelve provinces and cities from across China will display their cultural products at the Domestic Exhibition of the upcoming Sanya International Cultural Industry Expo (SICIF), one of the event's 10 thematic exhibitions.

In the Qinghai Pavilion, there will be a number of national intangible cultural heritage items on display, as well as more than 1,000 ethnic handicrafts such as thangka. In the Guizhou Pavilion, the beautiful and magnificent scenery of Guizhou will be showcased. Yantai and Longkou in Shandong province will have an exhibition area for Longkou specialty products and a wine tasting area. Huludao in Liaoning province will bring a wide variety of exotic stones. Various cities in Shanxi province will showcase their brilliant cultures alongside one another.

The Nanjing Pavilion, with its vibrant Chinese retro style, will be a showstopper. The Zhengzhou Pavilion will feature a variety of exquisite tea sets for tea lovers to enjoy. The Nanning Pavilion will feature a uniquely-shaped design with a white space filled with embroidered elements on the outer walls. The Hohhot Pavilion will bring Mongolian creative products, while the Taiyuan Pavilion will display some amazingly creative gourd exhibits.

Meanwhile, Hainan fragrant rosewood, known as the "wooden gold", and Wuzhishan agilawood, with its sweet aroma and high medicinal value, will be on display at the Haikou Pavilion, while the Sanya Pavilion will be fully equipped with virtual reality installations, allowing visitors to experience Sanya as if they were actually there.

The design sketch of the Sanya Pavilion. [Photo/WeChat account:gh_f8667a9b3dc0]

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