Key industries

Print Updated: 2019-04-30

1. Quality tourism industry

Initiate the “tourism+X” model, improve and optimize the tourism industry chain, and strive to build a tourism industry system based on sightseeing tours, prioritizing leisure holidays, and featuring exhibitions and cultural, sports and health tours.


2. Burgeoning technology industry

Sanya will spare no effort to promote the planning and construction of “one port, three cities and one base” in Yazhou Bay, introduce famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad, and become the southern center of a National Deep Sea Base and a world-class deep sea science and technology innovation platform.


3. High-efficiency tropical agriculture

Possessing tropical fruit, tropical flowers, winter melons and other special products, Sanya will iintroduce selected high-quality seed sources, accelerate supply-side structural reform of agriculture, and become a national modern tropical agriculture base.



4. Health care industry

The city will focus on the development of high-end medical services, health management, health care, high-end senior care and rehabilitation, bio-pharmaceutical and other industries, and cultivate and develop the health care industry.


5. Financial industry

Sanya plans to accelerate financial openness and innovation, introduce various financial institutions and financial regional headquarters, and develop high-end financial formats such as offshore finance, wealth management and insurance services.


6. Conference and exhibition industry

The city is cultivatinge leading conference and exhibition enterprises, improving the conference and exhibition industry chain, and planning and holding large-scale international exhibitions, festival activities and culture-oriented tours. It is also developing international brands and other exhibitions with local characteristics.


7. Trade and logistics industry

With tax-free shopping as the primary motivator Sanya will build a multi-level and multi-form trade network system and  establish an integrated trade logistics system that covers urban and rural areas and provides access to the whole island through various transportation modes.


8. Real estate industry

Promotion and optimization of the real estate industry is included in Sanya’s plans. The real estate industry will be developed through integration with other industries and introduction of high-quality industrial projects and financial and commercial  businesses.


9. Education, culture and sports industry

Sanya will make full use of high-quality education and training resources at home and abroad to strengthen education and training cooperation, and cultivate high-level international talents; carefully creating brands for major cultural and sports activities to drive the development of culture and sports related industries.


10. Marine industry

To take good care of the ecological environment the city will explore the potential of marine resources, support the development of the deep-sea science and technology industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of fisheries, and accelerate the improvement of marine transportation logistics and service assurance capabilities.

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