Abundant resources

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Located at low latitude, Sanya has a tropical marine monsoon climate, which is suitable for various crops, especially tropical ones. Sanya is rich in iron, phosphorus, titanium, limestone and other mineral resources. There are rich oil resources in the seas near Sanya, and the natural gas resources in the South China Sea account for about one third of the total in China.

Perfected Legal System and Convenient Business Services

Sanya has streamlined the approval system by which all items subject to examination and approval are now handled at one window, on one network and with one seal, and all applicants can apply online. Sanya has also taken the lead in China in implementing 24-hour 12345 administrative approval, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprise registration and project approval. In 2018, 9,480 new enterprises were founded, up 42%. With the founding of the Sanya International Commercial Dispute Mediation Center and the Sanya Branch of the Hainan International Arbitration Court, Sanya's commercial dispute resolution mechanism is gradually improving. The time for customs clearance at ports is constantly shrinking, and now ranks best in the province.

Convenient Transportation

AirlinesThe Phoenix International Airport in Sanya opened on July 4, 1994. In 2018, its passenger throughput exceeded 20 million person-times, making Sanya the first non-provincial capital prefecture city with an annual airport throughput of more than 20 million. In addition, Sanya now operates 36 international air routes, including 13 new routes to London and other overseas cities. It is rated as a state-level aviation hub.

Ports Sanya Port is called on all year-round by passenger and cargo liners from more than 30 countries and regions. The Sanya-Xiangan line was the first line from China to Vietnam. A Sanya-Hong Kong Ocean liner route has now been re-established. Honghan and Nanshan ports, with capacities of ten thousand tons of oil and gas, have both been completed. 

Communications Telecommunication services are flourishing in Sanya. Modern communication technologies and facilities for all types of telephones, computers and fiber-optic image devices are available to users, who can make calls directly to 900 big, medium and small cities in the country and to more than 240 foreign countries and regions.

Sanya, a new seaside garden city in south China, has won several nationwide awards including National Garden City, National Good Hygiene City, National Model for Environmental Protection and Best Tourist City of China for its fresh air, clear sky, beautiful appearance, standard urban management, convenient transportation and developing economy. In a word, Sanya is one of the best residential cities in China. 

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