Asia's largest waterpark debuts in Sanya

Print Updated: 2019-05-13


Children enjoy the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily APP] 

The first Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Asia and the third in the world opened to the public at Haitang Bay in Sanya on May 26, 2018. 

As the largest waterpark in Asia covering 200,000 sq m, the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark offers people at all ages 35 entertainment projects all year round, enriching the aquatic amusement market in Hainan.

The park has 15 top-level waterslides, the most exciting of which has become popular among young people through online short video platforms. Challengers start from a height of 25.1 m and at an angle of 75 degrees and fall through a tunnel surrounded by sharks in just three to four seconds.


The most exciting slide way at the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is 25.1 m high at an angle of 75 degrees. [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily APP]  

The park also has a 1.8-km drifting river that fits a whole family. Nineteen mini slideways are specially prepared for children and different scenes created at the Lost Chambers Aquarium will add to their immersive experiences.

The waterpark belongs to the Atlantis Sanya, a landmark one-stop resort complex which opened on April 28. Built with an 11 billion yuan ($1.74 billion) investment, it provides larger-than-life exotic and marine exhibits and offers rich dining experiences. The complex is located at Haitang Bay, which has beautiful beaches stretching more than 10 km in northern Sanya, dubbed by some as the Hawaii of the East.


People lose themselves in the fun created at the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark. [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily APP] 

Overlooking the South China Sea, Atlantis Sanya covers some 540,000 square meters and boasts one of the largest open-air aquariums in the world, The Ambassador Lagoon, a unique underwater habitat that is home to more than 86,000 species of marine life, enchants visitors as they discover the mythical heart of Atlantis. The resort's 1,314 guest rooms and 154 suites offer not only spectacular island and coastal vistas, but also serene views of life below the waves. This is the first guest experience of its kind in China, immersing visitors in the mysteries of the ocean and allowing them to learn more about the diversity of its inhabitants.

Heiko Schreiner, Atlantis Sanya's managing director, said that the Atlantis Sanya expects to be known as a destination that both amazes and inspires.

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