Baolong village

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An aerial view of Baolong village. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

Baolong village is located in the northern mountainous area of Sanya's Tianya district. The village is surrounded by mountains, water and forests, which makes the area rich in beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere and perfect for relaxing.

The villagers in Baolong village are diligent and simple. In their spare time, the Miao women in the village gather together to make Miao embroidery. During major festivals, the Miao villagers will wear Miao embroidery, put on dazzling silver ornaments, sing and dance, and convey their best wishes for life.

Compared with Miao embroidery, the method of producing the Li brocade is more cumbersome because it requires backstrap looms. The Li brocade is a national intangible cultural heritage with a long history. It is exquisite, colorful, and vivid. Li people like to wear Li brocade for important activities.

Baolong villagers gather together to make the Li brocade. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

Baolong Forest Park is located in the southeast area of the village. It is the largest and only national tropical natural forest reserve in Sanya. The highest peak, Jianling, is 1,019 meters above sea level, which is the highest point in Sanya.

The park has a forest coverage rate of over 90 percent, and is home to hundreds of species of tropical plants and wild animals. There is also a four-kilometer-long hiking trail built for mountain climbers. The annual average temperature here is around 25 C and the negative oxygen ion content can reach up to 89,000 per cubic centimeter. The park is a natural oxygen bar and perfect for health and leisure tourism.

A waterfall in Baolong Forest Park. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

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