Sanya Dinosaur Fossil Museum

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-03

The museum now houses over 300 pieces of dinosaur fossils. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

The Sanya Dinosaur Fossil Museum is located in downtown Sanya in the Sanya Mangrove Tree Resort World of Tianya district.

The museum is dedicated to exhibiting and conducting research on dinosaur fossils that have been unearthed in China from the Jurassic to Cretaceous periods. This initiative serves to advance modern scientific knowledge and research achievements pertaining to dinosaurs. The museum's collection of fossils, supported by rigorous scientific analysis, provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about these prehistoric creatures and their associated plant and animal fossil specimens.

Currently, the museum houses over 300 pieces of fossils, with plans to exceed 1,000 pieces by the end of the year. Among them, 10 fossils, such as the one of Confuciusornis, have significant international influence.

The museum now serves as a national popular science base for paleontological fossils and is the international cooperation and exchange center of the China Paleontological Fossil Protection Foundation.

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