Panhuang Dance of the Miao Ethnic Group

Print Updated: 2019-05-17

The Panhuang Dance of the Miao ethnic group is a tribute dance of the Hainan Miao people to commemorate their ancestor, Emperor Pan. The dance is popular in the Wuzhi Mountain area and habitats of the Miao people in Sanya. Sanya Yucai Ecological Area is an important distribution area of Panhuang Dance.

The Panhuang Dance of the Miao ethnic group is listed in the second batch of Hainan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritages. Also known as Sanyuan Dance, it consists of Shangyuan Dance, Zhongyuan Dance and Xiayuan Dance, which are performed on January 15, July 15 and October 15 of the Lunar calendar respectively.

The instruments accompanying the Panhuang Dance include long drums, gongs, small cymbals and rattles. The Panhuang Dance was created by the ancestors of the Miao people in Hainan. The dance has distinct ethnic characteristics, reflecting the historical legends of the Miao ancestors migrating to Yazhou. People of the Miao ethnic group perform the Panhuang Dance as part of the social custom reflecting worship of their ancestors, based on a fixed date.

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