Bow and Drill Fire Making

Print Updated: 2019-05-17

Bow and drill fire making is an ancient way people of the Li ethnic group made fire. The technique is popular in the south-central part of Hainan. It was listed in the third batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritages in 2006. The Bow and drill fire making of the Li ethnic group is popular in Liangkan Village and Jiyang Town (formerly known as Yuantian Town), and was included in the Sanya Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Bow and drill fire making is an important invention of the ancestors of the Li people in Sanya. The skill enabled the ancient residents to master a strong natural force and promoted productivity. The technique has been extended and preserved in the Li villages in Sanya and provides important empirical data for exploring the social and economic development of the Li ethnic group.

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