Sanya launches Guofeng themed Lantern Festival activities

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-02-16

On Lantern Festival day taking place on Feb 15, Sanya created a strong festive atmosphere by planning a variety of Guofeng and Guochao (Chinese style and Chinese hip) themed cultural tourism activities. This is done so as to politicize traditional culture and attract tourists to generate more tourism based revenue.

In the Sanya Lanhai Shopping Plaza, the Sanya tourism promotion bureau hosted the Guofeng Fate. Visitors got to wear traditional Hanfu and immerse themselves in more than 30 activities such as solving lantern riddles, archery, and pot throwing.

A tourist wearing Hanfu poses for a photo at the Sanya Guofeng Fate. [Photo/IC]

In the Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area, staff dressed in Hanfu, held up oil-paper umbrellas, distributed tulips to passing tourists, and sent New Year's greetings.

"In Hainan, there is a folk custom of exchanging flowers on the Lantern Festival, but many tourists don't know much about it. This year, we distributed flowers to tourists. They can exchange flowers with their friends and send them blessings," an official of the Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area said.

A guzheng performance salon was also held in Tianya Haijiao Scenic Area. In the afternoon, tourists sat in the academy facing the sea, listened to the guzheng playing, and appreciated the beauty of tradition.

"I can't stop enjoying the wonderful activities in Sanya, and there is a cultural atmosphere everywhere," said Chen Wei, a tourist from Beijing.

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