2nd Sanya Nanshan ICH Festival kicks off

Print chinadaliy.com.cn Updated: 2022-06-13

The 2nd Sanya Nanshan Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Festival and the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day's Hainan cultural exhibition event kicked off on June 11 in Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone.

June 11 marks the 17th Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. The Hainan Province Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports set up three venues in Haikou, Sanya, and Danzhou, as well as organized more than 160 activities across the province to further improve public awareness of ICH protection and promote excellent traditional culture.

Hainan currently has 32 national ICH items, 82 provincial ICH items, and more than 300 ICH items at the city and county levels. To date, Hainan has 19 national ICH inheritors, 149 inheritors at the provincial level, as well as more than 900 inheritors at the city and county levels.

After the opening ceremony, domestic and foreign tourists danced traditional intangible cultural heritage dances with Li and Miao people from Wuzhishan at the Nanshan International Intangible Cultural Heritage Experience Center. At the Hainan cultural heritage creation workshop and the Li and Miao cultural market, tourists were attracted by the exquisite Li and Miao silver ornaments, pendants, as well as sachets. In addition, the China-Nepal traditional handicraft exchange exhibition, held at the Nanshan ICH Festival, allowed visitors to see the creations of foreign craftsmen.

To date, more than 40 world-class, national-level, and provincial-level ICH projects have settled in the Nanshan International Intangible Cultural Heritage Center, thus enriching the cultural offerings of Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone.

According to the organizing committee, the Nanshan ICH Festival will be held for 20 days until June 30. During the event, the achievements made in ICH protection in Hainan province and the whole country are being fully showcased, while nine series of activities, such as the Li brocade fashion show, the ICH and rural vitalization exhibition, cultural and creative exhibition exchange seminars, as well as the Nanshan cultural and creative design competition, are being held.

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