Li, Miao ethnic people in Yazhou celebrate Sanyuesan Festival

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-12

Ethnic women showcase the hand-weaving technique. [Photo/WeChat account: guyunyazhou]

The celebration of the traditional Li and Miao ethnic Sanyuesan Festival in Yazhou district, Sanya, was held on April 9 in Nanshan village, where local Li and Miao people dressed in ethnic costumes gathered with residents and tourists.

The event featured demonstrations such as intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, traditional folk singing, bamboo and wood instrument performances, and traditional ethnic sports competitions, providing an immersive experience of ethnic and artistic charm.

In the evening, a cultural gala celebrating the Sanyuesan Festival in Yazhou was held. Li and Miao ethnic people, residents, and tourists gathered to sing and dance together, celebrating the beautiful festival.

An exciting bonfire party was also held that evening, where residents and tourists gathered around the bonfire, immersed in the joyful atmosphere accompanied by beautiful melodies.

Zhou Xiantong, an official of Yazhou district, noted that the Sanyuesan Festival is an integral part of the traditional culture of the Li and Miao ethnic groups in Yazhou, and it is also a grand stage to showcase their unique charm and cultural heritage.

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