Taste of the summer in Sanya

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-04-22

Summer is coming to Sanya! Try these summer foods to beat the heat...

Coconuts are natural cooling drinks for tropical residents, and are even more delicious when frozen. The green coconut tastes best, with its sweet water and jelly-like pulp.

Green coconuts in Sanya. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

2.Salty drinks
Serving the dual function of relieving heat and helping you lose a bit of that winter weight, salty drinks - a kind of special drink mixing fruit and salt - are popular in Hainan province.

The sour taste in some fruits like lemon is neutralized by salt, while salt can make the taste of sweet fruits more clear and sweet. The cool and refreshing taste can dissipate the heat in a flash.

3.Traditional special snacks
Qunzhong Street is a famous snack street in Sanya. Vendors in the street sell varieties of traditional Hainan specialties, such as sweet potato milk, galaobua, mung bean soup, and fried taro.

Qunzhong Street in Sanya.[Photo/Sanya Daily]

4.Cool drinks
There are of course all kinds of cool drinks shops in Sanya. Tourists can try cool drinks with mangoes or coconut to get a cool and refreshing summer feeling.

5.Morning tea
Tea houses are more in line with the modern pace of life. Morning tea is not only the preserve of Hong Kongers now. Some people in Sanya are happy to get up early in the morning... find a window of leisure time and go and have a morning tea!

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