Changy Restaurant

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The Changy Restaurant. [Photo/WeChat account: sytpb_]

Changy Restaurant, originating from Qinhuangdao of Hebei province, embodies a steadfast passion for the ocean. Each dish represents a deep exploration of the true essence of the sea and meticulous culinary craftsmanship.

The restaurant offers both a tranquil indoor space and an open outdoor area. Using natural wood for tables and chairs and off-white walls presents a raw and textured ambiance that harmonizes with the surrounding tropical greenery, creating an atmosphere imbued with a fresh and natural vibe.

It deliberately selects the freshest local ingredients, combined with traditional northern cooking techniques, to bring out the natural and simple flavors of the ingredients.

One of their signature dishes, Zaopo Vinegar Miniatus Grouper, uses locally sourced fresh grouper paired with the unique zaopo vinegar hot pot native to Hainan. The fish is sliced thinly, so it only needs to be briefly immersed in the boiling pot for a dozen seconds before being served.

Another must-try at the restaurant is the Spicy and Numbing Mantis Shrimp. After being fried, the shrimp boasts a crispy golden exterior that easily peels away to reveal a rich and aromatic flavor.

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