Guests make suggestions on Hainan's film industry development

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A group of big names in the domestic film and television industry, as well as senior film workers offered their suggestions for the construction and development of the film industry in Hainan at a summit forum held on Dec 6 during the 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF).

It is generally believed that Hainan can start by building a film technology base to promote the development of the entire film industry chain.

Liu Jianzhong, former director of the Film Bureau of the National Radio and Television Administration, speaks at the forum. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Liu Jianzhong, former director of the Film Bureau of the National Radio and Television Administration, proposed to build Hainan into a national film and television industry technology base.

Liu noted that film technology and post-production are very important to the development of films. It is hoped that Hainan can introduce more preferential policies, as well as gather new technologies and new equipment to attract more filmmakers to the province for film post-production.

More attention will be paid to Hainan when more filmmakers are familiar with the place, and  that will lead the Hainan film industry chain to gradually extend and develop from back to front, added Liu.

Wang Yibing, CEO of Dirty Monkeys Studio, a professional film company, agreed with Liu's suggestions and said that film production is increasingly relying on advanced shooting methods and modern post-production technology.

Wang also said that as an important experimental site for China's reform and opening up, Hainan has had many stories and interesting characters over the past 40 years since the founding of the province, which are worth making into movies.

Wang Jing, a senior filmmaker from Hong Kong, had a different view. He suggested that all adventure dramas set in Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions could be filmed in Hainan as it is located in the tropics and has superior natural conditions.

Actress Liang Jing, who often participates in film production as a producer, said that she believes that Hainan can use its Free Trade Port policies to attract more talents to film in Hainan.

Officials attending the forum expressed that Hainan will explore a characteristic development model for its film industry by relying on its inherent advantages in attracting foreign investment, supporting policies, and attracting talents, making full use of HIIFF to accelerate the construction of a world-class industrial system, as well as a domestic first-class film and television base.

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