HIIFF activity promotes China-France film, TV cooperation

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-12-07

The "Shoot the Book" event is held in Hainan on Dec 6. [Photo by Sha Xiaofeng/hinews.cn] 

The "Shoot the Book" event was held on Dec 6 during the 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) to build a platform for culture exchanges in film, television, and literature, as well as bolster cooperation in related industries between China and France.

"Shoot the Book" originated at the 2014 Cannes International Film Festival. It provides people in the film and television industry with an opportunity to discover excellent French literary works which have their copyrights open, providing renowned French literary creations for filmmakers to adapt. This is the first time that it was held in Hainan.

Although "Shoot the Book" was held in Hainan for the first time this year, it has been the fourth consecutive year that the Chinese and French literature publishing circles were brought together with Chinese film and television professionals.

In order to adapt to the Chinese market, the event introduced 15 French and Chinese works to the audience this year, all of which are renowned stories with great potential to be adapted into film and television works.

The event aims to promote more interactions between the publishing, literary, film, and television industries, as well as to expand cooperation in the field of literature and art between China and foreign countries.

The person in charge of the sponsoring organizations noted that China is the world's second largest film market and is in the process of becoming the largest one. France and China have been cooperating in filmmaking in recent years, leading to several high-quality co-produced films. It is expected that the two countries can strengthen cooperation in film shooting and bringing more literary works to the big screen.

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