Main stage for 3rd HIIFF opening ceremony set up

Print ehainan.gov.cn Updated: 2020-12-03

The main stage for the opening ceremony of the 3rd HIIFF is set up. [Photo by Chen Congcong/sanyarb.com.cn] 

The stage of the main venue of the 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF), which will be held in Sanya from Dec 5 to 12, has been set up and is ready for providing an audio-visual feast for the audience on the festival's opening day.

The main stage shaped like a bougainvillea, the floral emblem of Hainan province, and the big screen is intuitively shaped like a shell. The whole main venue is dominated by ocean elements.

In the lead-up to the festival's opening, actors have been performing an intense and orderly rehearsal on the stage, while workers and designers are busy with lighting and sound debugging, as well as final touchups to the venue layout. The coconut trees, film rolls, and other decorations placed in front of the stage all feature Hainan characteristics and film elements. The venue can accommodate about 3,100 people.

In order to present the best show possible, a total of 28 main speakers, 16 ultra-low speakers, 28 main amplifier speakers, and 14 side speakers have been set up on the left and right sides of the stage to ensure live sound quality.

Another highlight of the stage is the new design of the second-generation grille screen for the main screen. According to a person in charge of the on-site video hardware, the grille screen has the advantages of high transparency, light weight, wind resistance, and rain resistance. It can blend perfectly with the on-site seascape without affecting the appearance of the building, while also not being affected by strong wind on the site.

In addition, as an important part of the opening ceremony, the red carpet area has also been carefully laid out. It consists of a rest area, an autograph signing area, a media interview area, and a fan viewing area. The floor layout of the 80-meter red carpet and the construction of exhibition boards have begun to take shape now.

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