Sanya hot entertainments for Mid-Autumn, National Day holidays

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-09-13

Where to go during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays? Visit Sanya to enjoy various forms of entertainment: taking a helicopter for sightseeing in the sky, as well as travelling by yacht, sailing and surfing on the sea.

1. Helicopter sightseeing tour

The tour flies across some of Sanya's most famous scenic spots including the Dadong Sea, Phoenix Island, Wuzhizhou Island and West Island. Tourists can choose different flight routes of one kilometer, three km, five km, and 10 km. If needed, tourists can also enjoy personalized air charter services.

A helicopter tour flies over the Dadong Sea off the coast of Sanya. [Photo/CFP]

2. Travel across the sea on a yacht

In recent years, yacht tourism has become popular in Sanya. Depending on the rental time, tourists can experience a yacht tour on the sea for 200 yuan ($31) to 400 yuan. Renting a yacht to go out on the sea with family and friends is not only a beautiful sight, but also very entertaining with such activities as snorkeling and fishing.

Tourists take a yacht tour in Sanya. [Photo/CFP]

3. Sailing

With a tropical climate and abundant ocean resources, Sanya is very suitable for sailing. Great efforts have been made by local authorities to transform the resort city into an international "sailing capital." So, if you're looking for an outstanding sailing destination, Sanya is a top choice.

4. Paddle board, kayak

Alternatives from the excitement of surfing and sailing, water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking are favored by all ages. These water sports are a relaxing way to enjoy the sea.

5. Surfing

In Houhai Bay, tourists can challenge themselves on a surfboard under the guidance of a surfing instructor. The recommended surfing locations include Houhai Bay and Dadong Sea.

Surfers catch a wave in Houhai Bay, Sanya. [Photo/CFP]

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