Sanya boasts array of leisurely activities

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Sanya, also known as "Oriental Hawaii", is a costal tourist attraction in South China's Hainan province. It has a unique tropical climate and geographical location and the 209.1-kilometer coastline, with mountains in the north and the sea in the south.

Here are some recommended ways to play in Sanya!

1. Camping

A visitor sits at his campsite in Sanya. [Photo provided by the Sanya tourism promotion bureau]

While camping, you can have a date with the blue sea, white sand, and a romantic bonfire while enjoying the freedom of a tropical island.

2. Surfing

A surfer carves across the ocean in Sanya Bay. [Photo provided by the Sanya tourism promotion bureau]

You can opt to resist the waves, accept the sea's cleansing, or enjoy the excitement of riding the waves while surfing.

3. Reading

A person reads a book at the beautiful seaside Sanya Book store. [Photo provided by the Tianya Book]

At the beautiful seaside bookstore - Sanya Book, you can enrich yourself in an ocean of knowledge.

4. Diving

A diver takes underwater photos near Sanya West Island. [Photo provided by the Sanya tourism promotion bureau]

You can wear a diving suit and go on an intimate date with the aquatic life, as well as stroll through the vibrant reefs.

5. Rural tourism

Tourists can experience an enchanting lifestyle in the natural communities, such as Bohou village, Zhongliao village, and Damao Pelagic Eco-village.

In addition, you can wander down Wuzhizhou's exquisite sandy white beach, listen to a live band at a five-star hotel, sample a variety of fresh seafood, stroll through the tropical rain forest, board a yacht and sail out to sea, or simply sit in a trance on the beach.

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