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Print Updated: 2019-05-23

(As of March 2018)

General Status

The city of Sanya, also called Lucheng, was officially established with the approval of the State Council on Jan 1, 2015. It is located on southern Hainan Island. It borders Lingshui County in the east, Ledong County in the west, Baoting County in the north, and South Sea in the south.

The city has a tropical ocean monsoon climate, with per capita public greenery coverage of 15.4 square meters. It has won many national ecological and environmental awards for its excellent and unique natural geographical environment.

Sanya is embraced by mountains on three sides. Mountains, sea and river are fused naturally and beautifully, and the mountains provide ideal platforms for looking over the ocean, bays and the cityscape. The natural scenery and excellent ecological environment make Sanya a paradise for daily living, travel and vacations.

Economic and social development

After surmounting many unfavorable factors in economic development such as bubbles in the real estate industry and the international financial crisis, Sanya seized the opportunity of becoming an island of international tourism and grew from a seaside town into a world famous tourist city. Sanya has been accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting the construction of infrastructure, adopting innovative measures, speeding up reforms, and improving peoples livelihoods by all sorts of means and has achieved significant economic growth over recent years.

Acceleration of industrial structure adjustment

Recently, in consultation with the provincial government and related departments, Sanya decided on certain industries for key development. They are tourism, efficient tropical agriculture, marine industry, new technology, healthcare, conferences and exhibitions, finance, logistics, real estate, and education culture and sports. Through their growth supply-side structural reforms and industrial structure adjustments are accelerated.


Sanya has been actively developing the whole region into a tourism destination, improving the traditional scenic spots, and promoting high-quality tourist products and resort areas. Currently, the Haitang Bay infrastructures are nearly completed. The top-notch international coastal hotel belt, the Hainan branch of the Peoples Liberation Army General Hospital, and Sanya international duty-free town have been built.  

--Tropical agriculture.

Sanya takes advantage of its tropical climate, develops characteristic industries such as winter gourds, tropical fruits and tropical flowers, protected by preservation areas and a technological town.   

--Real estate.

In recent years, the city has released measures on supply-side structural reform, greatly reduced the supply of general commodity residential land, and strengthened market regulation and special remediation. The internal structure of the real estate industry has been gradually optimized.

--Marine industry.

Sanya makes full use of the geographical advantage of the neighboring South Sea, reasonably explores ocean resources, and develops the marine economy under the prerequisite of protecting the ecological environment. It also actively adjusts the fishery structure, promotes fine processing of marine products and encourages and supports fishery enterprises to trade marine products internationally so as to fully display the city’s fulcrum function on the 21st century Maritime Silk Road as well as its potential as a pioneer shipping center along the South Sea.

--New technology.

Sanya has accelerated the cultivation of new technological industries. Depending on all kinds of new technology platforms such as industrial parks, it has set up industrial development guidance funds, incubation funds, and made a catalog for industrial access. Institutions like the Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed rapidly. Hatching enterprises such as TusStar and Hainan Software Innovation Center settled down in Sanya, and the Sanya Yungang Data Center is officially operational.


As state-run banks such as Minsheng bank, CITIC bank and other financial institutes entered Sanya, the citys total financial sector volume increased constantly, and the organizational system of the financial sector was more and more diversified.

--Conferences and exhibitions.

Currently, the relatively mature hotel clusters in the city include Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Big and Small Donghai, and Sanya Bay, accommodating more than 130 hotels with the capacity of receiving medium and large conferences. Among them, 80 hotels are nationally and internationally well-known, and the total area of conference sites of high-end hotels amounts to 100,000 square meters. Strengthening of the constructions of exhibition venues such as the Sanya International Exhibition Center and the Sanya International Cultural Exhibition Center, to create brands with Sanya characteristics and expand the local exhibition industrys presence internationally is underway.

--Health care.

Sanyas medicine and health industry has also grown rapidly. While public medical services are constantly improved, the city makes use of the climate advantage and combines tourism to develop high-end medical treatment, rehabilitation, and convalescence and healthcare services. The medical and health industry exhibits a good development momentum. It will focus on the high-end medical service industry, accelerate the building of related projects, strengthen the exploration of medical tourism, expand the opening up to the outside, depend on demonstration areas and support the development of some specific clinic departments.

--Modern logistics.

The duty-free store in Sanya has introduced more than 300 internationally well-known brands, with 38 categories of commodities such as perfumes, cosmetics, watches, bags, garments and formulas, which effectively elevate the quality of tourist shopping. The city plans to improve the trade system and strengthen the constructions of comprehensive logistics platforms and characteristic logistics centers.

--Education, culture and sports.

The city has 319 schools of all kinds and 196,000 students. It will perfect the policy system, guide social capital to participate in the PE industry, improve the PE industry chain and cultivate quality sports events.

II. Improvement of urban infrastructure

Sanya has been promoting the construction of infrastructure and gradually perfecting the city functions. Fenghuang Airport continues to be enlarged, and the Xihuan high-speed railway is opened to traffic. The construction of Sanyas new airport and Sanyas international cruise port is progressing rapidly. Sanyas Mega Data Center is officially in use, collecting, analyzing and applying data related to tourism, transportation, municipal management and administrative affairs, all to better serve the needs of tourists.

III. Promotion of “double repair” pilot city.

Sanya adheres to the concept of a “city governance and management year and applies a “double repair pilot plan that targets ecological and environmental protection. It has made city-wide efforts to develop the double repair plan, and launched a new round of city transformation. It will generalize the experience, further expand the coverage of double repair and enrich its contents, aiming to build a beautiful ecological city with distinctive characteristics and ensure appropriate advancement of city construction, governance and management.

IV. Deepening of reform and opening-up.

Many international fairs and important events were successfully held in Sanya, including the First Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting and its cooperation forum, the Miss World Finals, the Volve Global Sailing Race, the World Tourism Congress, and Hainan International Tourism and Trade Expo.

V. Continuous improvement of people’s livelihood.

Sanya will promote targeted poverty relief and alleviation, seek income increases for urban and rural residents, boost employment and encourage entrepreneurship.

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