Intercontinental event gains popularity during national holiday

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-10-12

The Sixth Asian Beach Games, an intercontinental sports event that is scheduled to start from April 2, 2021 in Sanya, has increased its exposure among tourists during the National Day holiday following the organization of various cultural activities with Asian Beach Games features.


说明: http://www.sanya2020.cn/uploadfile/pic/20201009/543cb5d10ee76ce737766e9ab0a3c156.jpg

A question and answer activity on spreading awareness about the Sixth Asian Beach Games is held on Sept 30 at an evening gala in Jiyang district to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival. [Photo/sanya2020.cn]


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Tourists browse souvenirs at an Asian Beach Games merchandise store in Sanya. [Photo/sanya2020.cn]

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The mascot for the Sixth Asian Beach Games, the eld's deer Yaya, shows up at Sanya Phoenix International Airport during a flash mob to mark the National Day holiday. [Photo/sanya2020.cn]

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