Overview of Sanya

Print Updated: 2019-04-30

Located at the tip of Hainan Island, Sanya is a tropical coastal tourist city in southernmost China. It is a central city and transportation hub of Hainan Province, and is known as the “Oriental Hawaii”. It is also one of the most important ports for foreign trade as it lies at the southernmost point on the golden coastline of southeast China, ideal for opening up.

Sanya is located at 18° north latitude and has a tropical maritime monsoon climate. It has the best air quality in China, an annual average temperature of 26℃, a forest coverage rate of 69%, annual sunshine of 2534 hours, and an annual average precipitation of 1347.5MM. It has won many awards such as “Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region”, “Nationally Designated Garden City”, “National Sanitary City” and “China Habitat Environment Award”. It ranks first among China’s four first-tier tourist cities of Sanya, Weihai, Hangzhou and Xiamen and has the most beautiful coastal scenery on Hainan Island.

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