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Print Updated: 2019-04-30

Planning of Headquarters

Economy and Central Business

Incubation Zone in Sanya

Leading with a “large consumption business circle + a headquarters economy”, Sanya’s headquarters economic zone and central business incubation zone will focus on building a layout of “business axis, littoral zone, landscape corridor, four groups and multiple nodes”, which will drive the overall optimization and improvement of urban space and industrial functions in the central city. The incubation zone includes four implementation units of the phoenix coast, Yuechuan, east coast and Hailuo, with a total area of about 439.23 hectares.

“Business axis” refers to the international business office axis of Yingbin Road. Centralized business office functions for headquarters are planned to run along Yingbin Road to form a cluster axis of international services connecting the phoenix coast, east coast, Yuechuan and Hailuo.

“Lttoral zone” refers to the littoral zone of Sanya Bay culture and art. Relying on beautiful Sanya Bay, the planning focuses on free trade services, cultural and artistic exhibitions and experiences, tourism consumption business circles and international cruise and yacht experiences to form a multi-functional coastal development zone.

“Landscape corridor” means the green corridor of “mountain-sea-river–city”. It is planned to construct a number of ecological greenways from Luhuitou to the Haihuan estuary in the south, from Phoenix Ridge to Phoenix coast, from Linchun Ridge to Yuechuan unit and Jinji Ridge and Baopo Ridge, and from Hailuo Ridge to Hailuo unit and the eastcoast unit.

“Four groups” refers to the four characteristic functional groups of Phoenix coast unit, Yuechuan unit, east coast unit and Hailuo unit.

“Multiple nodes” refers to the Phoenix Island International Cruise Home Port, the South Haihuan Estuary International Yacht Port, the Port Authority Cultural and Art Experience Area, the Yuechuan Waterfront Boutique Walking Commercial Block, the Headquarters Business Incubation Zone in Yingbin Road of the east coast and Hailuo International Talent Community and other multiple and unique spatial nodes.

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