Sanya releases investment plan for key projects

Print Updated: 2019-05-13

Sanya’s municipal development and reform commission recently released its key project investment plan for 2019.
With the approval of the CPC municipal Party committee and the municipal government, 34 key projects will be advanced this year with a planned annual investment of more than 21 billion yuan ($3.13 billion) and a total investment of 325.78 billion yuan.
This year’s key project investment plan was made with the guidance of President Xi Jinping’s important speech made during his inspection tour in Hainan on April 13, 2018 and the spirit of the No. 12 document issued by the central government. It focuses on the construction of a headquarters economic zone and central business district, and the development of tourism, modern services and high-tech industry for high-quality economic growth.
Meanwhile, it centers on issues concerning people’s livelihoods. Projects such as transportation infrastructure, healthcare, education and culture and sports, are reasonably distributed, which demonstrates a “double-wheel drive” of both economic development and livelihood improvement.
In addition, all districts are meant to develop distinctively so as to promote Sanya’s development in an overall way.
Keyword: high-quality growth
In the past, the real estate industry has been a key part of Sanya’s economy. However, among this year’s 34 key projects, sheer real estate projects are excluded and many projects are aimed at better economic transformation.
Sanya’s headquarters economic zone and central business district project are listed as separate projects. Projects concerning high-tech, education, culture and the sports industry as well as infrastructure facilities are the key focus.
The Sanya’s headquarter economic zone and central business district projects are pioneering efforts by Sanya in building Hainan’s free trade zone and free trade port.
They received wide attention during the national two sessions this year as they have the capacity to develop the area into an important platform for demonstrating Hainan’s free trade zone and free trade port.
Keyword:livelihood improvement projects
The construction of projects and development of the economy should be checked by feedback to the people. The aim is to enhance the well-being of the general public.
In this year’s key projects, the city wide across-district livelihood improvement projects cover education, culture and healthcare as well as infrastructure.
No matter whether city-level or district-level, projects closely related to education, healthcare, culture, sports and transportation are all included in the plan.
Sanya sticks to a people-centered principle, and takes on the responsibility of safeguarding and improving people’s livelihoods and working hard for their well-being.
Keyword:distinctive plan for each district
Apart from the general layout of the plan, Sanya attaches importance to the commonality and unique characteristics of each district. The common projects are related to tourism and infrastructure, and in addition Haitang, Jiyang, Tianya and Yazhou districts all have their own characteristic projects.

For example, Haitang district focuses on healthcare, exhibitions and characteristic agriculture. Jiyang focuses on the Internet industry. Tianya focuses on modern logistics and Yazhou focuses on high-tech industry.
Though they developed distinctively through their unique advantages, the district will accumulate strengths from all parties to contribute to Sanya’s goal of pioneering in the construction of a free trade zone and free trade port as well as becoming a world-class coastal city.
Tong Daochi, Party chief of the city, stated that Sanya is now striving to develop its tourism, modern services and high-tech industries and promote their transformation and upgrading with high-quality development.
This year, Sanya will put more effort into the construction of Hainan’s free zone and free port and make more progress and new achievements in industrial development,Tong added.

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