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4th Hainan Island International Film Festival's master class announced

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-12-14

The organizing committee of the 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival announced the line-up of guests for the festival's master class. Five guests will share their creative insights with several filmmakers, either online or in person.

The guest line-up includes: Marie-Pierre Duhamel, a French film curator and film translator, Kees Van Oostrum, a Dutch cinematographer and ex-president of the international federation of cinematographers,  Jan Schutte, a German film educator and director, Vivian Qu, a Chinese director, screenwriter and producer,  as well as Christopher Doyle, a renowned Australian cinematographer and director.

Marie-Pierre Duhamel has worked as a consultant at several international film festivals, a professor at several European film schools, as well as an editing consultant and translator for several films, especially Chinese films.

At year's festival, Marie-Pierre Duhamel will analyze and discuss the current state of the industry and her experiences in film and television subtitling through multiple perspectives.

Kees Van Oostrum has worked on over 80 film and television productions, including Emmy Award-winning TV shows, films and documentaries. His works include Spartacus, Return to Lonesome Dove.

During this year's festival, Kees Van Oostrum is scheduled to have an in-depth conversation with renowned Chinese cinematographer, Luo Pan about the mysteries behind cinematography.

Jan Schutte has been a professor at Harvard University, president of the German Film and Television Institute (Berlin) as well as director of the American Film Institute (AFI). His directorial works have been selected for many major film festivals, and he has served as a jury member at Cannes and other major international film festivals.

He will be on-site to share his years of experience in film-making and to discuss the changes and developments in German cinema with professional scholars in China.

Meanwhile, Director Vivian Qu will use her unique visual perspective to lead a discussion on how space, emotions and imagery are used in film.

In 2013, Vivian Qu wrote and directed her debut feature film Trap Street, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Boston Independent Film Festival. In 2017, she wrote and directed Angels Wear White, which was nominated for the Golden Lion Award at the 74th Venice Film Festival.

Christopher Doyle, known as "Asia's first master photographer", will also be present at the master class to talk about the legendary life of a filmmaker. His works include Edward Yang's That Day, on the Beach, Wong Kar-wai's In the mood for love, Stan Lai's The Peach Blossom Land, Zhang Yimou's Hero and many other great works.

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