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Poster of 4th HIIFF released

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-11-16

The main poster of the 4th HIIFF. [Photo/WeChat account:hiff__]

The main poster of the 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) was released at a press conference on Nov 15. It is based on the theme of "light", or "living in the light, walking with the shadow". The poster combines film-related imagery with Hainan's characteristic elements. It adopts a minimalist design while continuing the visual tone used in the previous three editions of the festival.

In terms of color, the poster uses the contrast between yellow and green. Yellow is the background color, giving people a warm and positive feeling associated with sunlight, symbolizing high-quality young film talents who are newly emerging in the film industry. Dark green is the main color used in the modeling elements. Green is an environmentally-friendly color, representing the beautiful ecological environment of Hainan, as well as the vitality of the future vigorous development of the film industry. Yellow and green are interwoven, representing the coexistence of warmth and hope.

The light beam in the hands of the characters uses a bright white color, which represents the attitude of HIIFF to illuminate the future for filmmakers. People can also feel a sense of wonderment through the dreamlike interplay of light and shadow. In addition, the element of sand is conveyed in the poster, representing the tropical nature of the host province and the vigorous development of the local film industry.

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