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Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-03-14

An aerial view of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. [Photo/VCG]

Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is a provincial industrial park approved by the Hainan provincial government in February 2019, based on a creative industrial park. The park is located in Yazhou district with a planned area of 2,641 hectares and a planned construction land of 1,290 hectares. Until now 564 hectares of construction land has been developed. The planned construction land within the three cities is 928 hectares, of which the developed land is 380 hectares.

As for planning and authorizing, The Hainan provincial government approved the SanyaYazhou Bay Science and Technology City Overall Planning (2018-2035) on May 11, 2019, with the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Regulatory Detailed Plan publicized and ready for approval. Sanya has also completed the industrial planning of the Deep Sea Science and Technology City, as well as the Nanfan Science and Technology City.

As for industrial positioning, Yazhou Bay park will emphasize on developing Nanshan port, three science and technology cities and one seeds transfer base. Deepsea Science and Technology City will establish national deepsea science and technology innovation strategic height with breakthrough in maritime high and new technology industry. Nanfan Science and Technology City will construct "Nanfan Silicon Valley" which combines scientific research, manufacturing and selling and serves the whole country. The university city will introduce graduate students who are from top deep and far sea and agriculture graduate programs in the country, further promoting the integrated development of industry, academia and research. The global animal and plant germplasm resources introduction and transfer base aims to build a world-class and internationally recognized new benchmark for the safe transfer of germplasm resources. Nanshan Port within the bay provides port transportation support services for the construction of the Yazhou bay science and technology city.

As for investment and output, in 2018, the total industrial output of the park was 1.80 billion yuan ($250 million), with an average annual output of 10.59 billion yuan. The fixed assets investment was 1.07 billion yuan, and the average annual investment was 1.93 billion yuan. The tax revenue for 2018 was 156 million yuan (516 million yuan with hotels and real estate included), with an average annual tax of 153 million yuan. There are now 3,500 employees in the park.

As for business attraction, Sanya city government and Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Area, Hainan Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Hainan Provincial Department of Education respectively establish three business attraction teams in the fields of Nanfan, Shenhai and advanced education. Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Preferential Policy is being stipulated to ensure policy is followed to attract business. Currently Nanfan Science and Technology City industrially attracted 24 enterprises, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other six employers have confirmed to settle in the start zone. The project of China State Shipbuild Corporation Limited has launched. The project of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation is being improved. China Merchants Industry Corporation, China Geological Survey and South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have confirmed to settle in the Deep Sea Science and Technology City. Hainan Institute, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Ocean University of China have also confirmed to settle in. Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, Wuhan University of Technology and other universities are stipulating the settling projects.

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