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CAU's Sanya Institute plans blueprint for taking root in Hainan

Print 三亚市人民政府英文版 Updated: 2021-08-13

A student from China Agricultural University's Sanya Institute conducts an experiment. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

China Agricultural University's (CAU) Sanya Institute is planning a blueprint to take root in Hainan in the next five to ten years. The institute will promote the scientific research results in Hainan, accelerate advanced technology results, and establish win-win cooperations, according to Wang Fujun, deputy dean of the institute.

Combining the research field with the needs of local industries in Hainan, the institute currently has three colleges spanning agriculture, horticulture as well as resources and environment, and offers 17 majors such as crop genetics and breeding, seed science and technology, and plants protection. Meanwhile, over 30 scientific research projects have been set up in accordance with the characteristics of Hainan's agricultural development.

Wang noted that the warm climate is a favorable environment for crop growth. Hainan is the only tropical province in China and related scientific research can be carried out all year round, which is the main reason for the university to settle in Hainan.

Wang added that the institute will focus on the three major areas of the Nanfan seed industry, tropical high-efficiency agriculture, and the transfer base for the introduction of global animal and plant germplasms.

"Hainan's talent policies fully reflect its respect and demand for talents, especially with regards to the Hainan Free Trade Port. I hope to stay in Hainan after graduation and contribute to China's seed industry," said Li Bing, a CAU PhD student.

In February of this year, the first batch of 55 postgraduates started their postgraduate studies in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. The institute will welcome the second batch of 91 graduate students on Aug 31, and the total number of graduate students in the institute will be 146.

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