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18 medical institutions in Sanya offer free COVID-19 vaccine

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-03-08

A total of 18 medical institutions in Sanya are offering a free COVID-19 vaccine between March 7 and 31 to ordinary citizens, according to Sanya's COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters.


The tropical city has now completed the vaccination of people in key industries and launched its second batch of vaccination work for ordinary citizens.


The first dose will be given before March 15, and the second will be given between March 15 and 31. People in Sanya aged between 18 and 59, without restrictions based on household registration and nationality, are entitled to get free shots in Sanya.

The 18 medical institutions are: Sanya Central Hospital, Sanya People's Hospital, Maling Health Center, Fenghuang Health Center, the temporary vaccination area at Sanya Beauty Crown Cultural Exhibition Center, Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Sanya Women and Children's Hospital, Hailuo Community Health Service Center, Lizhigou Health Center, Tiandu Health Center, Fuhaiyuan Community Health Service Center, Nanbin Hospital, Yacheng Health Center, Hainan Hospital of PLA General Hospital, Linwang Health Center, Tengqiao Health Center, Nantian Hospital in Haitang district, and Yucai Hospital.

Government departments and State-owned enterprises should pass their staff's information to the medical institutions while ordinary citizens can submit their information to communities and their village committees to make an appointment, or do it through the Sanya city public WeChat account "sanyareleased" and "gh_84bf53c35a37" (Sanya municipal health commission).


After making an appointment, citizens should bring their identification card, passport, or valid visa to the medical institution before receiving a vaccination.

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